The environmental crises we face worldwide are reaching irreversible tipping points.

Transforming our societies to run on circular economies is the radical shift we urgently need to avoid the most catastrophic effects of these crises.

what do we do?

We execute Circularity

The world needs businesses to go beyond their legal obligations.

Circuthon® Consulting partners with businesses, guiding them through the changing legislative environment and enabling them to embed circularity into their products and operations.

We help businesses transform into circular businesses, built for the 21st century and 21st century customers.

What could it mean for you?

Be proactive. Be pioneers.

Governments are taking action, forcing businesses to alter their operations with regulation and policy.

Taxes and penalties will be imposed on businesses who are slow to take action.

There is an opportunity to turn this into a positive for business operations and brand value.

How do we do it?

Simple roadmaps for compliance

Responding to complex environmental legislation.

Gain tailored practical guidance, outlining the necessary steps to ensure your business is compliant with incoming environmental obligations.

We advise, reducing your liabilities and avoiding penalties.

More importantly we are preventing businesses damaging the environment they operate within. We help drive the change in your business.

Going beyond compliance - solutions for the 21st century

Systems and product innovation

We create unique pilot projects to validate solutions. We scale pilot projects to activate company-wide progress.

Built from:

  • The proprietary Circuthon® Data Bank of innovative solutions and materials.
  • An in-house research & development department of multidisciplinary PhDs and postdocs.

Our focus is on delivery and implementation.

Market analysis & customer positioning

Bespoke customer research and circular comms

Circuthon® Consulting has decades of customer research experience for both internal and external audiences.

Our team delivers bespoke market analysis, competitor evaluation and strategic circular communications advice.

What are we focusing on?

Circuthon® Consulting - we don’t just talk circularity, we deliver circularity


Not only are we developing first to market materials solutions, we are working with new entrants in reverse logistics to create new functional ecosystems.


We are working on solutions from production to food-waste that ensure sustainable food provision for the expected population boom of the coming decades and benefit the environment through regenerative principles.


We are working with pioneering innovations across packaging feedstocks - incl. waste, agriculture and raw material specialists - to develop cutting edge, low impact circular solutions.

Beer, Wine & Spirits

The drinks industry has pioneered sustainable business practices for decades. We assist companies to stay at the cutting edge of development, working on highly ambitious net-zero solutions across manufacturing, distribution and consumption.


We set the bar high, championing absolute circularity, going far beyond weak recycling pledges. We’re advocating for fully circular models, innovative apps which drive circularity, upcycling and refashioning services and second life clothing in all its myriad forms.

So what can you do next?

Find out more…

Read more about what our projects focus on, how we work with brands to be more circular, our initiatives and campaigns, or get in touch with a member of our team.