What is a Circuthon®?

A Circuthon® includes an audit of the business to identify opportunities for & barriers to circularity, and helps establish clear medium- & long-term objectives with concrete milestones/prioritisation. Together we will develop education programmes & professional development for your core teams. We will help educate the whole of your business, creating Circular Economy advocates: making the programme self-sustaining and self-seeding.

It’s not a 2-day ideation event. It’s a 6-12 month programme of regular support and activity. It can include a series of high impact events (virtual or off campus).

Throughout that process we are going to help you “curve the line” in your organisation.

To understand more about how your Circuthon® Process would look, please request an online meeting.

[Circu- from circular + -thon from marathon] - if you like etymology.

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Circularity manifesto

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